Air Source Heat Pumps

Installation of a NIBE air source heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional heating systems. NIBE F2040 is an intelligent and compact inverter controlled air source heat pump. NIBE F2040 provides optimum savings since the heat pump automatically adapts to your home’s output requirements all year round. NIBE Air source heat pumps come in a variety of sizes from 6kW to 16kw and like the NIBE ground source heat pump range, can be docked together for larger buildings giving a total output of 128kW. The range includes several accessories to cover all applications. We also offer a comprehensive line of unvented hot water tanks and buffer tanks which work seamlessly with the Heat pump systems.

How does an air to water
heat pump work?

Heat pump technology is actually based on a very simple, well known principle. It works in a similar way to any domestic refrigerator, using a vapour compression cycle. The main components in the heat pump are the compressor, the expansion valve and two heat exchangers (an evaporator and a condenser). A fan draws the outdoor air into the heat pump where it meets the evaporator. This is connected in a closed system containing a refrigerant that can turn into gas at very low temperatures. When the outdoor air hits the evaporator, the refrigerant will turn into gas. Then, using a compressor, the gas reaches high enough temperature to be transferred in the condenser to the house’s heating system. At the same time the refrigerant reverts to liquid form, ready to turn into gas once more to collect new heat. The NIBE Air to Water heat pump works well with underfloor heating systems and radiators and can also be docked to other heating systems including gas boilers and solar panels with the correct accessories.

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When to choose an air to water heat pump

Choose a NIBE Air to Water heat pump for either new builds or retro-fit. These heat pumps can be installed on almost any kind of terrain and come in a range of sizes to suit small, medium or large homes. They can also be docked together for larger, perhaps commercial buildings. You don’t need a large amount of land either because NIBE Air to Water heat pumps only require 150mm clearance from the wall (if placing it against a wall) and 1 metre of free space in front of the unit.

Exploring Air Source

The air around us is full of energy and this unit uses that low grade heat which has come from solar energy to produce heating and hot water for the home. The units will work down to -20˚C still giving a 58˚C output.