Hot water systems

Hot water storage is a key part of our lives and something we take for granted. A good supply of heated water is a crucial part of many systems and can be used for domestic washing to heating a swimming pool. It is important to store this water in efficient low heat loss tanks and cylinders. We offer a wide range of storage cylinders, buffer tanks, accumulators and heat exchangers to cater for many applications.

Domestic hot water storage

Unvented Hot water cylinders deliver plenty of water at a mains pressure of 3 bar. Fantastic for showers and baths. Linked to a heat pump system, the 55 Deg C water is a constant and is always available. We offer a range of sizes from 200 to 500 Litres for domestic projects and can supply larger capacities on demand.

Buffer tanks

These tanks are used to store water for the heating system in the building to help the efficient running of a heat pump. They would also be used to buffer demands on other heating and cooling applications. The capacity can range from 50 to 5000 Litres.

Vessels and Accumulators

These tanks are an integral part of most systems to allow hot water to be unvented and high pressure and heating systems to be completely sealed. We can also use larger accumulators to buffer cold water supplies which helps with low flow issues.