Why did you consider a heat pump?

“We live in a stone farmhouse which had been extended . The original part of the building was difficult to heat and as a result, we lived mainly in the extension and seldom used the older part of the property. As kerosene was becoming increasingly expensive we had been considering alternatives to the oil fired boiler. We wanted a heating system which was affordable as well as environmentally friendly.”

What were your expectations?

“We were wary of having the existing system removed entirely and being completely dependent on ground source heating but decided that as the technology was now well established, we would take a ‘leap of faith’ and invest for the longer term.”

Why HT energy?

“We obtained details from a number of companies promoting ground source at a homebuilding exhibition. There was quite a choice and the information was conflicting. We came away and shortlisted prospective companies and systems. We liked the Nibe range and using the Nibe website made contact with HT Energy. HT Energy were one of two final contractors but the decision was eventually made based on a site visit to an existing installation. We also felt confident that HT Energy had the correct specification and technical ability to deliver the system we needed.”

How did the installation go?

“The trenching was done using a laser machine with as little disruption as possible, neat trenches which within a short period of time will have grassed over and no longer be visible. The installation of the manifolds and heat pump was done without any disturbance to the existing system and when the time came to connect, this was done over 2 days, removing the old boiler, flushing the system and connecting into old and new underfloor heating and radiator systems. At all times, HT Energy were on hand to ensure the work went smoothly and we were inconvenienced as little as possible. For the first time, we have a delightfully warm home throughout, no more just living in one end of the house.”

What you would recommend to others?

“To visit an existing installation as seeing is believing and to choose a contractor with a proven track record and who you feel has the competence to deliver the system needed.”