Why did you consider a heat pump?

“As we did not have the option of mains gas, when our old boiler came to be replaced, we investigated the feasibility of a ground source heat pump instead of either LPG or oil.”

What were your expectations?

“We had a visit to another of HT energy’s sites in the Dales where the renovated farm house had a ground source heat pump which covered 100% of their heating and hot water needs. The owners were over the moon with the installation and gave us much more confidence in moving to the next step with our project.”

Why HT energy?

“A significant upgrade of the insulation levels of our home was required but fortunately we were planning to do this in any event as part of our renovation works. Howard at HT Energy has provided very helpful advice and guidance throughout the process and responded very quickly to any minor issues that have arisen. We were also very impressed with the work we had seen on the other site.”

How did the installation go?

“The field to the side of our house was trenched which took just over a week. The ground was fairly rocky but the team worked well to install the ground loops. HT energy installed all the plumbing and Underfloor heating throughout our house in a speedy and tidy fashion. The heat pump system was installed extremely well as we had limited space for the equipment, the unit went in a cupboard and the buffer tank and pumps went underneath in an under croft area. So far the installation has exceeded our expectations and hopefully our energy usage will later provide the projected savings, as well as us now having a much warmer house.”

What you would recommend to others?

“Make sure you do your homework and choose an installer who knows what they are doing like HT Energy as they are the ones who have to make the system work. Insulation is a very big part of the project which needs to be right to get the best results.”