Why did you consider a heat pump?

“When planning our new build bungalow we asked our architect to build in quality rather than have to adapt later. This included installation in excess of the national building standard for insulation and commensurate with this the architect suggested a heat pump rather than a traditional gas central heating system. As we had no knowledge or experience of this technology we embarked upon a programme of research. We undertook internet searches of equipment manufacturers, visited suppliers and attended a seminar promoted by the local authority.

It rapidly became apparent that the air source heat pump with underfloor heating and associated controls would be our best option.”

What were your expectations?

“We sought to have individual room control thermostats to provide our chosen temperature and comfort level. This required guidance on the type of floor coverings to ensure the most effective/efficient operation. We also sought to have adequate hot water throughout the entire building and to have all water tanks and associated controls located in the integral garage. This would enable maximum usable space in our living areas.”

Why HT Energy?

“HT Energy worked with our architect and builder to design a system to meet our specification and provided guidance on the entire plumbing and heating requirements. They produced a detailed specification including comparisons with traditional systems, detailed costings and anticipated usage for our area weather conditions. The local knowledge and experience were backed by guarantees from a major international heat pump manufacturer with a significant ‘track record’ of operation in climates more hostile than Stokesley.”

How did the installation go?

“The liaison with the architect and builder continued during the installation. Every stage was closely monitored and pipework and equipment thoroughly tested on installation. Upon occupation of the property HT Energy provided guidance to ensure cost effective operation of the system. The energy used by the system was as calculated at the design stage. HT Energy currently provide an annual service/review.”

What would you recommend to others

“We suggest the involvement of HT Energy at the earliest planning stage to ensure your expectations are clearly understood and to have their recommendations incorporated if appropriate. The HT Energy team members are efficient, friendly and highly skilled technicians and are pleased to assist whether on site or in the office. We have a lovely warm home that is economical to run. International technology – delivered locally.”