Project Overview

AV Dawson is a truly multimodal provider offering logistic services including road transport; rail freight; quayside loading and unloading as well as warehousing and storage, all from their Teesside Hub. With a dynamic road fleet, a choice of rail terminals and shipping berths they provide effective and cost efficient solutions for the transportation of a variety of conventional & unconventional cargos.

The client asked for HT Energy to be involved at an early stage to make sure the heating and cooling systems were designed correctly plus enough space was allowed for in the bore hole design. The Ground source system comprised of 103kw output with 16 x 150m depth boreholes to give plenty of energy for the maximum efficiency required for the project. A NIBE F1355-43kw and a F1345-60kw were used along with a 500L UVHW hot water calorifier and a large 1000L buffer tank for the heating. There was also a 1000L chiller tanks for the cooling part of the system. The boreholes were installed under the car park at the front of the buildings via two sets of manifolds. The shared array fed both GSHP units and the nature of the rock and water tables, being so close to the river Tees, meant the brine temperatures stayed quite high even in the coldest seasons. Overall the project was a complete success keeping A V Dawson staff and colleagues comfortable all year round.