How Can Renewable Energy Help?

Renewable Energy can help the World in which we live and work, now and for our future generations. There is energy all around us which we can tap into and produce heat. One source, such as the sun, heats the ground and warms the air and is always available. Renewable energy products such as heat pumps can harness this free energy to efficiently heat our homes and businesses.

Other complimentary systems like Solar PV panels harness the Sun’s energy to generate FREE electricity which in turn can be used by heat pumps or to heat hot water via a solar diverter. A battery can be added to store power for later demands making 100% usage of this renewable energy. Other elements, like wind and water, can be used to generate power via turbines on land and out to sea. Nature’s Power is a secure, recurring, renewable source of energy and by using Renewable technology, we can help to look after our planet, our home.

How Green is
Your Home or

We spend a great deal of our time in our homes and work place. While we are in them, we are constantly using and at the same time wasting a huge amount of energy. It is very important to make your home or business as energy efficient as possible. With ever increasing energy costs, improving the energy efficiency of your building is always a good idea. Increasing the insulation levels, reducing drafts, installing an efficient heating system and using A rated appliances and lighting all help to save you energy which in turn saves you money.

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Could You Save and Make Money With Renewable Energy?

There is no doubt about it, when you are considering installing a heat pump or any other renewable energy system, it is an investment. You must look at your project as a medium to long term commitment but you will see the benefits the minute you have it installed. There are also financial incentives available in the form of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which will pay a grant to an eligible owner of a heat pump for changing from fossil fuel based heating. This scheme is designed to bridge the gap between renewable and traditional heating installations and help the UK to reduce carbon emissions.

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