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Mr and Mrs C, Scotton, North Yorkshire

“The field to the side of our house was trenched which took just over a week. The ground was fairly rocky but the team worked well to install the ground loops. HT energy installed all the plumbing and Underfloor heating throughout our house in a speedy and tidy fashion. The heat pump system was installed extremely well as we had limited space for the equipment, the unit went in a cupboard and the buffer tank and pumps went underneath in an under croft area. So far the installation has exceeded our expectations and hopefully our energy usage will later provide the projected savings, as well as us now having a much warmer house.”

Mr and Mrs B, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire

“The trenching was done using a laser machine with as little disruption as possible, neat trenches which within a short period of time will have grassed over and no longer be visible. The installation of the manifolds and heat pump was done without any disturbance to the existing system and when the time came to connect, this was done over 2 days, removing the old boiler, flushing the system and connecting into old and new underfloor heating and radiator systems. At all times, HT Energy were on hand to ensure the work went smoothly and we were inconvenienced as little as possible. For the first time, we have a delightfully warm home throughout, no more just living in one end of the house.”

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