Project Overview

The client required an efficient method of heating the workshops for their engineers to work in and dry their work cloths and keep there tools at a good temperature. As part of the scheme they asked HT Energy to design a renewable heating system for the canteen and changing room areas plus the garage space where the trainers are tested and repaired. The existing heating was from an oil combi boiler which heated the canteen but not the workshop. This was very in-efficient and broke down many times. HT Energy came up with a system based on Air source heat pumps and a wet radiator heat distribution system for all the canteen and changing room areas. The workshop was heated via a large fan coil on a wall bracket. The installation comprises of a 4 x NIBE 2040-16kw ASHPs with a UKV300 buffer tank. There was also a new 300 litre UVHW cylinder and all new radiators for the office and canteen/changing areas. The system gains its renewable energy via the air which is drawn through the units outside with a fan. The ASHPs were housed on a specially fabricated gantry. The system is eligible for the Non-Domestic RHI and attracts a 20-year tariff.